Club Membership

The following is a list on benefits that come with registration and participation with the Top Spin Volleyball Club.  These benefits apply to every team from U12 to U18.

Experienced Coaching – every team in the Top Spin Volleyball Club will be coached by qualified and certified coaches with several years of experience.  This can include college level players.

Training Time – Each team will have up to 2 hours of practices per session with two practices on a weekday.

Tournament Play – We will attempt to register each team for four to five tournaments.  Teams could be registered for additional tournaments if deemed appropriate as the season progresses.  We will most likely register most tournaments to be played at the Y-Zone but due to availability some may require regional travel.  If any team shows exceptional performance during the regular season and proves to be a step ahead of their competition, registration into larger regional tournaments can be scheduled and a reduced cost can be discussed.

Uniforms – Uniforms are provided to every player at no additional cost.  The uniforms provided will be high-quality and include a shirt and shorts.

Optional Team Conditioning – Once per month each team will be eligible for a training session in the Y-Zone wellness center.  One of the YMCA wellness coaches will take the team through an exercise routine to help build players strength and endurance.

The club administrators and coaches will continue to add membership incentives as the club grows.  If you have questions or suggestions regarding membership to the Top Spin Volleyball Club please contact the Yzone administration.