November 14, 2017

4th Tryout Session Added!

Good morning everyone!

Due to many of you asking for an earlier tryout date, we were able to schedule a tryout session for this Friday evening, November 17th at the Y-Zone from 7-9pm. This session will give players whom are weighing club options the opportunity to showcase their skills to our coaches before having to make a decision on clubs. We will still have additional tryout dates on December 2nd, December 9th, and December 13th. You are welcome to come to all the sessions!

We apologize for the inability to have any other earlier tryout dates. Due in part to Coach Joe's fantastic coaching, the Westminster College women's volleyball team has just won the ECAC Championships. Their success and continuation in the conference championships has made his availability very limited until December. We are EXTREMELY lucky to have him on our staff!

Congrats Joe!!!